the concise version

If you don’t feel like reading 100 things:

I am 22 years old and currently live near Melbourne, Australia. I live in a lovely cream-coloured house (yet to make that leap from ‘house’ to ‘home’) with an adorable creep called Nathan and our self-righteous puppy with a horrendous sense of entitlement, Posie.

Nath is a metal-head IT consultant who thinks dead baby jokes are the height of sophistication, and Posie manages to simultaneously be the smartest and stupidest dog I have ever met. I am a small girl with a high pitched voice, possessing impractical talents, no resilience to speak of and we are quite certain that I have a catastrophe-magnet implanted in my body somewhere. I make really awesome pasta with salmon and green peppercorns though.

I like: making waffles, doing impressions of Jodi Benson, British comedy, being a beer snob, painting, doing jetés down supermarket aisles, staying in bed while it’s raining, feminists, short stories, making jelly, being an incurable aesthete, historical documentaries, ichigo daifuku, people with integrity, fluffy dogs with big smiles, ALL music, researching geeky things like cloud atlases and cryptozoology, going to the zoo, making fairy bread, Sylvia Plath, libertarianism, Taiwan, transparency and honesty, peony roses, airports, wool felt and vintage buttons, electric blankets, poetry, walking around in my underwear, and people who are tirelessly passionate about life, love, art, etc.

I don’t like: winter, kalamata olives, boring homogenized interior design, malicious people, Lynne Kosky, the entire Australian public consciousness being dominated by sport, dishonesty, Guinness, fake smiles, and being punched in the face by Posie when I am asleep.

Apart from all that, I’m a writer, artist, designer, actor and a fun midnight Chinatown field trip accomplice. If you’d like to engage me in any of these capacities, or if you have any questions, email me.



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