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Holidays… what holidays?

7 Apr

So I have had a week off school, ostensibly to give me a chance to catch up on things and have a bit of extra time to perfect the first wave of assignments. It is almost Thursday and neither of those things have happened yet.

Today I peeled myself out of my sickbed, slapped on some mascara and went for a mini-trek at about 4pm – a mission entitled “I haven’t eaten anything today and now after almost passing out in the shower I have realized my blood sugar levels are kind of screwed up and now affecting my ability to actually execute a plan to feed myself”. Several exciting things happened. I was hit on by a woman twice my age on the tram, it rained, and I had the chance to play a very rare and exciting game on the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets – are they a) drunk, b) crazy, or c) engaging in some sort of impromptu French existentialist absurdist street performance?

Nath chose drunk. I’m still not sure. If it was performance, does this confusion mean they were supremely good at it? Or were they supremely bad? – the lasting impression has nothing to do with what they were actually speaking about or any meaning they might have been trying to convey.. unless it was a piece called “the fine line between drunk, crazy and absurdism”. Shrug.

We also went to Ant’s for some dragon buns. 猪肉包子 (feeling like I should at least try to keep up my Chinese skills). I adore theirs – they are small and not sweet, but complex with overtones of ginger and star anise. They make me happy…

Seems Stuart’s Nightclub is still in full swing – I came home, hacking and coughing but clutching butter menthols (sweet mercy), to discover some random girl doing the dishes. Hair extensions, heels and rubber gloves. I thought they were all leaving, but then they came back with fifty thousand bags of McDonalds and more people. Once again – SHRUG. I have relinquished all responsibility here….

UPDATE: Stuart’s friends left the front door wide open, the cat has escaped and run off into the night. Stuart is off his head, decided that someone must be in the house and ran around brandishing a sword to “fuck them up”. HELP.

xx Bunny