meet bunny

Ophelia in Space is brought to you by Miss Bunny Florentine, because otherwise she would have to spend time actually doing stuff.

So, hello. I am Bunny. This is a pseudonym, based on a nickname Nathan has for me inspired by a face I have pulled in photos since I was about 2 years old (see right). He also calls me Ducky, Thumbelina, Chicken, Bitchwrinkle and Robocop. If you don’t know my real name already I am not going to tell you.

My first website was a shrine to British comedic legend Rik Mayall, coded in Notepad way back in 1997. Blogs did not really exist at that stage, but I eventually wrote The Dandelion Song and Pajama Empress (both ran for a couple of years). Ophelia in Space heralds my return to spouting general rubbish and oversharing.

To satisfy my exhibitionism and your curiosity:

Or you can just buy me presents or help fund my nutella addiction.

xx Bunny


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