100 things

Inspired by Jazz who was in turn inspired by everybody, here’s my 100. Let’s see how far I get..-

1. I have a ridiculously over-the-top, hyperventilating, shaking and crying fear of moths. If a particularly big one lands on me, watch out.
2. Blueberries are my absolute favourite fruit.
3. I have very narrow feet.
4. When I was 15, I sliced my face open on a chain. You could look at me straight-on and see inside my nostril.
5. After the face-slicing incident, I was bleeding all over the floor and trying to stay conscious while waiting to see a doctor; a chubby middle aged man chuckled and said, “Oh well, I guess you won’t be pretty anymore.” Any fragile illusions of teenage self esteem died that day.
6. In 1997, I had a raging schoolgirl crush on Bill Clinton.
7. I have two pretty little birds inked onto the inside of my left wrist.
8. My first experience with being drunk occurred while I was wearing my school uniform, and involved ridiculous quantities of peach schnapps.
9. I can’t cook many things, but the things I can cook are awesome.
10. I have a very spoiled puppy called Posietron the Spacepup. She is ridiculously smart and objectively the cutest dog ever.

11. I generally don’t like crumbed food. A few exceptions; like prawns ‘crumbed’ with coconut.
12. I do a freakishly accurate impression of Gizmo (the mogwai from Gremlins). For most people who haven’t heard me do it before, it is scary.
13. I have a total inability to shut cupboards or drawers when I am finished with them, apparently. It infuriates Nath to no end.
14. It doesn’t matter what color I dye my hair, it always fades to auburn or red, despite my hair colour as a child being very dark brown.
15. I have blue eyes. Very pale blue, with a strange dark ring around my iris.
16. My entire family has blue eyes. As a very small child, I was distrustful of anybody who didn’t have blue eyes.
17. My secret single behaviour is keeping a jar of nutella and a teaspoon under my bed. Sometimes I just need a hit of chocolatey goodness to entice me out of bed in the morning..
18. I hate half-hearted cleaning. You can’t just shove things in the closet and pretend things are tidy. I’d rather it be messy than have the mess just temporarily hidden.
19. I hardly ever wear jewelry (it annoys me), nor do I get that “oooh!” that other girls seem to get from diamonds. I have only ever seen one engagement ring that I liked and could see myself wearing everyday but not getting irritated by it.
20. I once choked on pizza in such a horrific fashion, I had to blow pieces of pepperoni out of my nose.

21. I get weird cravings, like a need to eat capers out of the jar with a teaspoon.
22. When I was 12, I somehow managed to convince my Mum to let me meet an 18 year old boy I met randomly on ICQ. I said hi, he said hi, he gave me a video tape with a pirate copy of Tomb Raider on it, I made up some excuse and ran away.
23. When I was at high school, I played Julia in a play version of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. I loved it.
24. I adore skiing. I love the fact that I am practically throwing myself down an icy cliff, but usually make it to the bottom in one piece.
25. I look stupid without a fringe. My forehead is so big, Nathan says I look like I have psychic powers.
26. The fourth toe on each of my feet is bent at almost a right angle. It’s very strange, and painful when dancing.
27. I hate Australia Day.
28. I also hate The Age online. Their website is littered with loud video advertisements that start automatically, which I think is horribly rude – using my downloads without permission AND bombarding me with obnoxious audio that I didn’t ask for. Yet I still go there everyday. Grr.
29. Sometimes I want to cut my hair short. But then I remember having short hair as a frumpy, chubby 12 year old goth wannabe who had never heard of styling products, and I change my mind immediately.
30. However, I really need to start getting serious about this idea of regular haircuts. Right now, it’s been about 3 months.

31. I think I just had swine flu – I had a ridiculously high fever the whole time, and apparently that is how doctors ‘decide’ without tests whether it is regular flu or swine. Shrug. We’ll never know..
32. I have never really felt attached to Australia above other places, and I would love to live in lots of different countries during my life.
33. I detest the fact that this is my third attempt at university. I refuse to let it just be an ‘attempt’, as opposed to a success.
34. In ten years time, I hope I am happy.
35. I am writing a play. And a novel. Shhhh.
36. My favourite dessert is ichigo daifuku – it’s like a gelatinous rice flour cake filled with white bean paste and a strawberry. So lovely..
37. I like watching documentaries. I get annoyed when people try to ‘sex up’ documentaries – I like them plain and to the point, thank you very much!
38. I stay up way too late, all the time, for no good reason. Then I struggle to wake up the next day or achieve anything before noon, then the cycle continues.
39. At Nath’s house, the responsibility of chopping firewood usually falls to me despite the fact I can barely lift the axe.
40. As a toddler, I had a ride-on ‘car’ type thing shaped like a whale. He was called Moby.

41. I have scores of shoes I love but can’t wear, solely (ha) because I am too lazy to get them repaired, have the heel caps replaced, etc.
42. I take 15-17 pills a day. This worries me.
43. I am a beer snob.
44. Both of my parents are Australian, and I often feel a bit left out.. not having any real cultural heritage to speak of. My great-grandmother was Norwegian, so I am adopting that as my ‘heritage’, even though I have just as much Scottish and Spanish blood.
45. I love swimming in the dark. In the dark AND the rain is even better. I want a pool just so I can do this.
46. I derive way too much amusement from watching silly teenagers taking themselves way too seriously. Even funnier is when this seriousness continues into adulthood.
47. I have a love-hate relationship with musical theatre. Love because.. well, I simply love watching it and peforming it and always have. Hate because it tends to attract some very nasty people who don’t love musical theatre; they just love drama and spite.
48. My sister and I memorized all the original 150 Pokemon in the car between Melbourne and Sydney, then quizzed each other. Reason #54384 why our parents hate us.
49. Suburbs in Melbourne I have lived in: Ascot Vale, Niddrie, Macleod, Brunswick, Richmond, Altona and Northcote.
50. I don’t have a credit card. This makes life simultaneously easier and more difficult.

51. I can’t believe I’m only half way through this list.
52. But I started it so I should keep going.
53. Could those two (wait, three now) facts be cheating? …. never!
54. My siblings and I once made a cake on the kitchen floor when we were tiny. Not a bowl on the kitchen floor, actually ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR. It had cinnamon, raisins and frozen peas in it.
55. We were so proud that Mum let us bake it, but we forgot to tell our Dad about the origins and ingredients of the cake that happened to be sitting on the bench when he got home. He ate a piece.
56. I write poetry. I can’t tell whether they are good or bad, so I don’t show anybody anymore.
57. I want to go on exchange while I’m at university, but can’t decide between Taipei or Oslo. Maybe I’ll just have to do both.
58. I have great love for fairy bread.
59. I have great disdain for people who think things like fairy bread are childish and silly. Though maybe I should just feel sorry for them.
60. I can’t sing and play an instrument at the same time. Frustration.

61. I made a facebook page for my puppy. Shut up shut up shut up.
62. I develop psychosomatic red welts all over my body at the mere mention of a family pet having fleas. It’s ridiculous.
63. Usually I love fast or scary amusement park rides, the faster the better. However I went on something relatively mild at the 2009 Melbourne Show and totally freaked out. Mmm.
64. I can’t touch my toes.
65. This is because I have hypermobility everywhere else – I have used my back to compensate for having to use my legs for my entire life, and my legs are really inflexible as a consequence.
66. I can do freakish things with my spine though.
67. I often answer my phone while asleep and have no recollection of it upon waking.
68. I never tan; I burn and freckle.
69. Buying books comes before buying clothes, as you can see by the dilapidated state of my wardrobe..
70. I haven’t got my learner’s permit.

71. I left my expired passport in someone’s car in 2005 and only just got it back this year (2010).
72. I always have this terribly inappropriate urge to laugh when I find out someone has died. No, it’s not me being a bitch; I think it’s just a nervous/panicky reaction.
73. Bad habit: packing and then lugging around bags that are way too heavy for me. I actually give myself shoulder strap bruises, often.
74. I despise cliché except for when it is self-aware, and thus amusing. An example of shockingly over the top cliché with absolutely no apologies is the musical Bare – don’t inflict it on yourself.
75. A example of where I like cliché is Legally Blonde: The Musical. It is self-aware without being self-conscious, never takes itself too seriously and ends up being super fun.
76. I don’t snore.
77. Okay okay, I did once. I was very drunk and sleeping on the floor, sans pillow, in a very awkward position.
78. I don’t see why Melbourne needs so freaking many sports stadiums, yet arts organizations are constantly scrambling for funding. John Brumby, take your stupid ‘sports capital’ somewhere else – in Melbourne, we are about arts, culture and good coffee.
79. On that point again, I resent the fact that taxes I pay fund Christian chaplains in public schools. We are supposed to be a secular country.
80. I need a fold-up portable soapbox. Or I need to just learn to shrug and say ‘meh’ when it comes to injustice, stupidity and ridiculousness.

81. I tend to be overly ambitious and I am trying to learn my limits.
82. I have something like chronic fatigue syndrome with Raynaud’s syndrome thrown in just to make everything extra rubbish. Sometimes I am fine. Sometimes I am really, really not okay.
83. My Mum refuses to acknowledge the fact that I have an accent, despite the fact that the first thing most people ask upon meeting me is, “that’s unusual accent – where are you from?”
84. I dread this question – “so what are you going to do with your degree?” – why do I need to be able to ‘do something’ with it?
85. I love getting packages in the mail. Even better, I love Nathan calling me to tell me that a package arrived for me, then trying to guess what it could be.
86. I have spent way too much time on this silly list.
87. I read STFUparents every single day.
88. Don’t actually get angry at being stuck in traffic.. it just seems pointless to get angry over something beyond my control, and selfish to somehow believe that out of all these people heading in the same direction, I am higher priority.
89. However, if I was bleeding to death in an ambulance that was stuck in traffic, I’d probably be pretty pissed off.
90. My favourite Disney princesses are Ariel and Aurora. Spunk and grace. The others are so boring in comparison.

91. I really like red shoes. Heels, flats, whatever – I just like ’em red.
92. I stress a lot more than I should. Yes, I do have a catastrophe-magnet glued to the back of my head, but I still stress far more than is healthy.
93. My Dad bought me a telescope for Christmas when I was 9. It has now been sitting in a box in my Mum’s garage for almost 10 years, which makes me sad.
94. I’m obsessed with making my surroundings aesthetically pleasing.. I drool over wallpaper, soft furnishings and pendant lamps the way other girls worship jewelry.
95. I am playing Pokemon Pearl right now, and am totally stuck – this business with poffins is such a hassle, sheesh.
96. I hated my Mum’s meatloaf when I lived at home. Now I crave it, and she never cooks it when I come over because it’s not ‘special enough’.
97. I always have to think about how old I am when prompted, because I forget. I am 22, but have accidentally told people I was 21, 23 and even 19.
98. There is absolutely nothing in my house for dinner. But it is freezing cold and drizzling, so I don’t want to walk to the shops.
99. I always look strange in photos, like my face has been converted into a collection of odd, skewed shapes. I imagine that when I FINALLY get a DSLR, it will take pictures of how I actually look.
100. I finished. Self high five.

xx Bunny


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