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Puppy Love

2 Jul

I’m slightly enamoured. Can you tell?

Lucky – I was so scared that they wouldn’t get along or we would have major problems. But Rupert and Posie are best friends already. They curl up next to each other when it’s cold and chase each other around the house like maniacs… so cute!

Having two puppies has brought out a major character defect in me though – I play favourites. Majorly. But probably only as an antidote to what everybody else is doing.. everybody is smitten with Rupert so much to the point where Posie is feeling neglected. Someone has to love her, so I’ve been paying her extra attention. At home, Posie will play Mario Kart with me, and Rupert will go hang out with Nathan and play computer games. Girls versus boys!

You know how people say that dogs tend to resemble their owners (or vice versa)? I think that’s happening here… in personality at least.

Posie is like me – she is very smart but a bratty little princess. She needs all the attention in the room.. no, the world. She is very vocal and barks constantly. She also loves wearing her little pink sweater and parading around in it. She never walks; she prances or sprints or pounces. She is mad about her toys and wants to play all the time. She’s super affectionate and just wants to lavish everybody with kisses, all the time, whether they are awake or not. She pulls the funniest faces and gets so angry when we laugh at her.

Rupert is like Nathan – he is a little log of a dog, so chilled out. He’s super sweet but very much a ‘boy’ dog, which is something I’m not used to. I call him the Insinkerator – I give them both treats and his is gone before Posie has taken a single bite of hers, and he has no qualms about stealing food off the coffee table if we’re not supervising. When you pick him up, he goes completely limp and throws his weight backwards so you have to hold him like a baby. He adorable and a total lap dog.

Okay, puppy love overload. They are so adorable, but I’ll try to refrain from puppy worship too much in the future! Seeing as I’ve been stuck inside by myself for so long, I’ve got a warped appreciation of what is actually exciting – these little guys are the most interesting thing in my life right now. A bit sad, but winter won’t last forever.

xx Bunny