Next Week

14 May

Spamalot finishes tomorrow, which is a major relief. Nathator and I have what seem like never-ending colds and it will be nice to have some time after this weekend to just relax and concentrate on getting better.

But first, two more shows for da BF, my sister’s 16th birthday and a little afternoon soirée we’re hosting on Sunday (which I can’t reveal too much about yet) – we may be surviving solely on junk food and painkillers, but we can do it!

And when we are better – there are so many things to do, places to go, people to see.. and things to create! In particular:

  • Despite living in this little house for more than a year, we still haven’t decorated. A lot of it (new windows, restumping, repainting, restaining the floorboards) has to wait until the summer, but otherwise, we have been totally slack.
  • We still haven’t be to Der Raum. Or Berlin Bar.
  • Nathan is buying tickets tomorrow for us to go with friends to see Norwegian black metal band Mayhem, which will be fun city.
  • I haven’t danced in a million years, and a miss it. Considering I can even touch my toes, I think my body misses it too – so I’m going to take ballet classes again.
  • Aaaand, it’s Posie’s 1st birthday very soon.. she’s getting a very exciting present.

xx Bunny

PS: I know I said giveaway this week, but both of us being sick has put a spanner in the works – soon!


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