Dear Mummy

9 May

It’s strange looking at old photos of my Mum and her sisters, because she looks just like me when I was little (she’s far left, then far right in these photos). Same haircut too!

Thank you Mummy for not pulling over and dumping us on the side of the road when we would scream and kick each other in the car. Thank you for all the elaborate last-minute costumes you would stay up all night making for us. Thank you for making us just as appreciative of everything from Mozart to Pink Floyd to Lene Lovich. Thank you for taking us to our endless afterschool tennis, swimming, gymnastics, dance and piano classes. Thank you for your endless persistence in trying to get us to eat things like pesto or curry. Thank you for being an incurable book-hoarder. Thank you for being our Mum!

Sorry Jennifer, you didn't exist yet in this shot, but we can imagine you're there!



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