Everybody does it..

4 Apr

But hey – I smile, I dance, I write embarrassing blog posts and I make waffles. Isn’t that exactly what you want in a drunk girl? I could have cried, vomited and told everybody how much the world doesn’t understand me. My alternative was much more fun and tasty.

Dinner table discussion last night – somebody said that they definitely wouldn’t let their husband go to see a film with his friends of the same sex, especially if they were single friends, because “there is no reason for it”. My mind was blown, and then I felt sad; how can someone think this way, actually say it out loud and it still doesn’t occur to them that they are being completely unreasonable?

Bad news – turns out Varg is a total Nazi and white supremacist. Yeah. Good news – I found my camera. Not the Canon EOS500D I’ve been lusting after, but my little point-and-click – so nothing fancy, but photos will be forthcoming. Yay.

xx B.


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